Police say there's been a series of vehicle burglaries in south Bossier City, and Property Crimes detectives are on the lookout for suspects.

They're also reminding residents that a few common-sense tips can keep them from becoming victims.

This month, officers have responded to vehicle burglaries in the Bellaire, Shady Grove, Savannah Place and Golden Meadows neighborhoods. Each case had one thing in common...the vehicle was left unlocked.

According to a BCPD news release, in most vehicle burglaries, the crooks look for an easy opportunity. If the car is locked, they'll most likely move on. If it's not, they'll rummage through the vehicle looking for valuables. In the south Bossier cases, the burglars have made off with firearms, electronics, wallets and cell phones.

Here are a few tips from the Bossier City Police Department:

  • Lock your vehicle. It’s true that a criminal can break a window, but doing that makes noise and criminals hate making noise because it draws attention.
  • Hide valuables from sight, or, even better, remove the items from your vehicle.
  • Park in non-secluded, well lighted areas.
  • If you have an aftermarket stereo installed in your vehicle, consider models with removable faceplates. Take the faceplate with you when your leave your vehicle.
  • Notify police of any suspicious people or activities in your neighborhood.

Anyone with information on the recent burglaries is asked to call Bossier Crime Stoppers at 318-424-4100. A cash reward is being offered if an arrest is made.


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