So the idea of paving roads with radioactive waste might sound like something from a futuristic dystopian movie. But its not. Its a modern idea that might become standard in at least one US state.

Florida lawmakers have approved a plan to use radioactive materials to start paving roads in the state. At this time, the bill still needs to be signed by Florida's Governor, but some feel like that's going to happen soon. After that, the Florida Transportation Department will start to research how to get the radioactive material into their paving mixes.

The material at the center of this plan is phosphogypsum. Its the waste element produced when making fertilizer products. It contains uranium, thorium and radium, while also emitting radon, a radioactive gas.

Now, there are questions over whether or not this is legal according to federal law. For decades, the use of this radioactive material in road construction was illegal. But for a short period, from October 2020 until June 2021, that ban was lifter. However the ban was reinstated.

But if Florida passes this, and makes it to the point of paving roads with radioactive long until Louisiana follows?


Louisiana roads are bad, they always have been. How fast would some people want to try and solve that problem using waste that is readily available? Because that seems like something Louisiana would try.

Driving on radioactive roads sounds like something that Florida would do, and it sounds like something Louisiana would want to try. But I personally hope an adult steps in to say "no".

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