Some 200 protestors marched at the State Capitol Thursday demanding justice in the death of Ronald Greene, the black man who died during a 2019 traffic arrest in Union Parish by state troopers. Civil rights activists along with members of Greene’s family are calling on swift action to be taken for those responsible for his death.

“We are the NAACP, and we demand that you arrest these clowns,” said Eugene Collins with the NAACP.

Attorneys for the Greene family say they were initially told he died from injuries in a car crash after Greene led officers on a chase that ended in Union Parish. Body camera footage however later emerged showing Greene crying out he’s sorry as officers repeatedly punched, dragged, and used a stun gun on him while he was restrained.

Greene’s mother Mona Hardin joined protestors at the Capitol and thanked them for their support.

“It hurts the hell out of me to even say my son was murdered,” said Hardin.

Baton Rouge Activist Gary Chambers called out elected leaders for allowing the cover-up of Greene’s death to go on for so long and put them on alert for not arresting the officers responsible for his death.

“If you stand in the way of justice we will stand in your face. We will call you out, we will call it as we see it and it should not take the calvary coming for you to recognize that we have been saying this for months,” said Chambers.

Governor John Bel Edwards issued a statement that he met with Hardin on Thursday and pledged that the state police are cooperating with the Union Parish District Attorney and the US Department of Justice in their investigations.

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