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After a disasters first Presidential Debate for the 2020 Election, the non-partisan The Commission on Presidential Debates have announced that they will be making changes to the debate rules moving forward.

During last night's debate, Moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News struggled to keep President Donald Trump from interrupting challenger Joe Biden, running over his allowed time, and arguing with the moderator himself. Wallace had to raise his voice, and remind the President multiple times that he had agreed to the rules that were agreed upon.

While Wallace was pleading with the candidates to allow each other to talk, he sparred with President Trump over the request. Wallace appealed directly to the President to allow Biden to speak so the country could be "better served" by the debate. Trump pushed back, and Wallace told Trump repeatedly that he had been causing more interruptions than Biden.

Later in the Debate, Wallace had to shout down Trump as he once again interrupted an answer from Biden.

The Commission released a statement in response to the performance that said, in part, that the group “intends to ensure that additional tools to maintain order are in place for the remaining debates.”

There was no clue from the Commission on what the changes could be, but many have asked for the moderator to have a way to cut off the microphone of the person not talking during their "uninterrupted: 2 minute periods.

After the announcement about the changes was made, the President's campaign criticized the announcement.

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