So many movies have been filmed here in the Shreveport area in the last couple of years, and I had NOT ONE random celebrity sighting -- until this past Saturday night. I was at Mojo's to see several friends' bands play, when a friend told me some famous folks walked to the upstairs area, where they play all dance music.  So I went up to investigate...and I was quite "star-struck"...not by Ryan Phillippe -- who had this "thug-prep" look going on and was surrounded by enamored women -- but by his much older counterpart -- Powers Boothe.

I will admit, I didn't know the name before that night...but as soon as I saw his face, I knew I'd seen him in a bazillion shows and movies before. What did I remember him from?? The movie "Tombstone," in which he played Curly Bill Stinson. That is still one of my favorite movies off all time...and he was AWESOME in it!  He played the bad-guy part all too well. Fortunately, he's not that mean in real life.

I got a little brave...and idiotic, actually. I walked up to Ryan and told him I just wanted to say hi and welcome to Shreveport (was NOT brave enough to ask him if I could take a pic of him!) But  I DID ask Mr. Boothe if he would mind taking a picture WITH me...which, as you can see, he did.


If they even remember me at ALL, I hope neither one of them thinks I'm a huge dork, because I'm feeling like one today. But at least I wasn't bugging them all evening. I said what I wanted to say...and left them alone...which is exactly what I think they prefer.

If you want to see all the productions Powers Boothe has been a part of, visit the link below:

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