A tornado is believed to be to blame for a tractor-trailer blowing over on its side on I-20 E at the 619 exit in Harrison County, Texas.

As Marshall EMS was on the way to the scene, paramedics saw what appeared to be a funnel cloud develop over the southern edge of Marshall, traveling north.

About 20 minutes later, 911 received a call about a natural gas line blow-out on Cox road near Birmingham Road. As deputies and emergency units arrived, they found trees near the gas line that had been uprooted and blown into the pumping and collection equipment, rupturing the piping station and releasing natural gas.

Enbridge Gas Distributing emergency personnel were notified and began securing the pipelines and shutting off the gas collectors. Trees were removed and repairs are underway. No residents were evacuated near the area.

Deputies checked several areas of reported trees down on homes and buildings from south of the I-20 area where the 18-wheeler accident occurred to areas to the north. Some buildings were damaged, but there are no reports of any injuries. Areas inside the City of Marshall saw damage from downed trees, as well.

That wasn't the only tornado reported in Texas over the weekend. Two more, both believed to be EF-1s, were reported in Dallas County from Saturday's storms. WFAA-TV reports one tornado developed in Dallas and moved into Farmers Branch. A second was confirmed in Irving early Sunday.