It's no secret that if there is a stray animal I will try to pet it and take it home. My dog Olive hates me for this but, I can't help it. There was this kitten that caught my attention about 6 months ago. She has the sweetest meow and I tried to get close enough to pet her for several months. All of a sudden, I quit seeing miss Kitty for a few weeks. I was worried a coyote got her and it broke my heart.

Finally, one-day miss Kitty came out of nowhere clearly begging to be fed. I knew this was my chance to finally pet her. I sat down and watched her scarf her food down and after she was done I finally got to pet her. When I did I was mortified.

The cat was the skinniest cat I had ever pet. She had a beat-up paw and was clearly in rough shape. I didn't know what to do and someone mentioned Port City Cat Rescue. I reached out to multiple rescues and was left on read, up until I messaged Port City Cat Rescue.

I had way too many questions and they answered all my questions and offered to get her spayed and they also offered to network the cat to find a forever home. I took the cat to the vet and let me tell you taking in a stray is just as expensive if not more expensive than taking in a purebred cat. How was I going to pay for the extensive vet visit plus the spay?

Luckily miss Kitty is now Loretta and has her very own home with two new dog siblings that are realizing she is going to rule the house. The best part is that as I type this she is getting spayed thanks to PCCR. I was able to afford to rescue a cat because of Port Cit Cat Rescues' willingness to help.

In case you've never heard of Port City Cat Rescue, they are a non-profit cat rescue based in Shreveport. Its mission is to provide much-needed medical care and adopt out unwanted cats and kittens. Feline overpopulation is a serious issue in Shreveport-Bossier. When we spay and neuter we automatically bring down the skyrocketing euthanasia rates at our local kill shelters. Thankfully we have folks who are on a mission to change the outcome of cats in our community.

I realize many of us are strapped for cash however if you have wanted to find a way to donate and give back to our community please consider donating towards the mission at Port City Cat Rescue. You can donate by clicking here. 

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