If you love pizza and you live in Shreveport you probably already know all about Pop n Pizza. Up until recently, you could get a delicious pizza pie at 500 Texas St, Shreveport, LA 71101.

Pop N Pizza took to their Facebook page shortly before Thanksgiving telling us they were closing shop on East Kings, but the question remained, where were they going to start slinging those delicious pizza pies? How long would they be gone for?

Pop N Pizza Made a Surprising Announcement When They Told Us They Were Moving Downtown.

Of course, several people who had gotten used to getting their pizza fix on East Kings weren't too happy. I mean who would be? The best pizza just got moved to the other side of town.

Does the New Pop N Pizza Location Mean There Will Be a Change in the Menu?

I went down a Pop N Pizza rabbit hole hoping to find out when they plan to open and if there are any changes to the menu. So far the only change you can expect besides the location is Pop N Pizza wants to help hungry lunch-goers get pizza by the slice.

The only question is, will one slice of Pop N Pizza be enough for lunch? You already know how delicious this place is, 2 slices are never enough.

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

We will keep a close eye on Pop N Pizza's Facebook page, so when they finally give us an open date we can all rush to get our fix.

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