What is Anthony Weiner doing now? It's hard to imagine he's celebrating after a poll from controversial dating website Seeking Arrangement found he had a high approval rating among young women.

Rush Limbaugh discussed the poll, which found Anthony Weiner's (AKA Carlos Danger) approval rating among young women was at 78 percent, on his radio talk show.

Though this is far from an official scientific or political poll, what does it show?

"In reality, this is not that hard to believe or understand, if you put it in context with the experience that young women are having at universities these days. . .And it is these women by a 78 percent margin that approve of Weiner because he's no different and what he did is no different than what their daily experience is. Sexting, hooking up," Limbaugh said.

Seeking Arrangement claims 18,000 young women around the age of 24 took part in the poll.

Limbaugh said he believes manipulation is something that these women thought about when they said they approved of Weiner.

"The UK Daily Mail: 'WEINER EXCLUSIVE! Weiner's Sexting Partner Offered Sex for Cash and Bragged About Milking sugar Daddies She Called 'Super-Pathetic' for Thousands of Dollars.' This is the Leathers woman. She see 22. She's 22 and she's admitting that what's attractive about these sugar daddies is they can be manipulated," Rush said.

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