How many times have you wanted to have the ability to take back a hastily-written email? We've all written things we regret after hitting 'send,' but an email is forever. Now, a couple of Harvard Law students have come up with a method that makes an errant email just go away.

An app called Pluto Mail allows users to unsend an email as long as the recipient has not yet opened it. The service offers other interesting features, including one that allows people to schedule the email to "self-destruct" after it's read.

It's a great concept, although one that could be used to mess with the recipient's mind. Imagine a recipient saying: "I swear I received an E Mail from Jim telling me off, but now I can't find it!"

Intercepting a manic email could be a job and relationship saver, or at least keep you from being blocked by friends and family -- especially if you type emails like this:

Friday Email

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