The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a ruling in the Bossier Parish School Board's appeal against the Brammer family.

Appeals court judges say the jury verdict and damage awards stand in Jeff and Daisy Brammer's lawsuit against the school board for an incident involving their son, Jackson.

During the court case, the Brammers said their son was being bullied at Carrie Martin Elementary School in Plain Dealing, and his arm was broken during a playground incident. The couple said the bullying was reported to the school and to a teacher, but nothing was never investigated. They said the incident caused a tremendous amount of emotional and physical strain on Jackson, so that's why the suit was filed.

The jury awarded the Brammer family more than $162,000 in damages and losses, which the school board claimed was excessive. The board also alleged several mistakes in the trial court's ruling.

"I spoke with my clients this morning. Of course, the family's very pleased with the results," Attorney Adam Savoie told KEEL News. "We anticipate that the school board will probably file another appeal with the State Supreme Court and further delay us putting this case to bed. If they do, we'll be ready to do the same thing we did at the 2nd Circuit."