From the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office:

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator is warning residents to beware of a caller who identifies himself as a Caddo deputy and asks for money to keep you out of jail.

Several people have reported receiving calls from someone who says they have a warrant for their arrest for missing jury duty. The warrant can be resolved, the caller says, by sending him money. In all of the recent cases, the caller identifies himself by the names of real Caddo Sheriff's deputies. The caller even leaves a 318 call back number connected to an answering machine listing the name of the Caddo Sheriff's Office. But Sheriff Prator said don't be fooled. It's only a ruse.

"We saw this scam earlier in the summer, and it's floated around other parts of the country too. But it's important to remind our citizens, this is not how we do business," Sheriff Prator said. "There is always someone looking for ways to take your hard earned money. Don't make it easy for them. If you aren’t sure if the call is real, hang up and call local law enforcement using the number listed in the phone book."

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