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Surprise, Christmas is around the corner, and you still haven't picked out the perfect gift for her. She always puts so much thought into your gifts and here you are, still nothing in your online cart because you procrastinate. That's okay. We picked out some perfect gifts from her favorite store, Target. You know the place she goes to and overspends. A wonderful place where she can shop with popcorn and Starbucks in hand and lose track of time and money. It's a delightful place that fixes any attitude.

Pick up some of these gifts from Target and she is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and will be in disbelief that you picked these out all by yourself. Don't worry we won't snitch you out.

The perfect gift for her to keep binge-watching all those Hallmark Christmas movies.

She keeps pinning all of those sweet potato french fries that require an air fryer, but she needs that air fryer.

For the lady in your life that can't live without coffee. This can be a lifesaver in her office, and look at that beautiful color. SWOON!

Is she a clean freak? Does she fuss at you when you make a mess? Hire her a full-time assistant. I use mine daily. I LOVE MY PERSONAL BUTLER!

Maybe your brunch making skills need work, but your poring skills don't.

Whatever you decide to gift her, make sure you wrap it and give it to her with a big smile on your face.

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