It's a hidden gem in East Texas, it's like you transport into vacation mode instantly. I had seen pictures of Rocky Point Adventures and I assumed it was somewhere in the Dallas area. Little did I know it was a short one-hour drive from Shreveport in Lone Star, Texas.

Lone Star, Texas has a gorgeous lake that many Texans have flocked to and purchased homes on.

Although U.S Steel built the lake in 1942 and still owns it, many Texans love the views and lifestyle that the lake offers.

What's new in the neighborhood?

A giant floating water park, basically one of the most massive obstacle courses I have ever laid eyes on. Of course, the obstacle course is on water. The owners of Rocky Point Adventures are bringing life to the community in the most epic way possible.

A bar that feels like you're in Mexico because of the sandy beaches located alongside the water, yup the owners brought in sand to make it a whole vibe.

Rocky Point Adventures doesn't just offer a bar and an obstacle course, you can enjoy a pedalboard, a pedal kayak, and a stand-up paddleboard day. The best part is you can rent them by the hour.

Want to book your next adventure at Rocky Point Adventures? Just click here. 

They are never in short supply of live music.

Love playing cornhole? You can jump in and play.


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