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Through the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been multiple missteps from every single angle. Including someone who has been recognized as the "COVID expert", Dr. Anthony Fauci, has even had missteps along the way.

With issues from accounting of case numbers, to vaccine efficacy, and mandates, there has been a lot of COVID fatigue growing. Not just fatigue, but trust as well. The issues with trust have been felt across vaccination efforts, mask mandates, and school procedures.

Although a lot of the trust issues would appear to fall on the "anti-vaxx" or "anti-mask" crowds, but its not limited to them.

Generally many people assume that the "anti-vaxx" or "anti-mask" groups are of the conservative political persuasion, but there are an equal number of progressive political proponents who are having trouble with trust when it comes to COVID stats and policies.

Both of these groups appear to suffer from a lot of the same issues, while medical and government leaders seem unable to address them effectively. But there's one massive point that would help both groups...yet the leaders in the medical and government can't seem to communicate this fact.

COVID-19 cases will never be zero again. Ever.

That's a pretty simple message. There's no path we take, no set of rules and restrictions, no vaccine, that gets us to zero COVID cases.

Former FDA Chairman Dr. Scott Gottlieb has tried to communicate this point for months, but it seems to fall flat with leaders. Now more may be willing to listen as countries like New Zealand and Israel, who both have extremely strong vaccination rates, are experiencing spikes in cases. Even in one of the most vaccinated countries, Iceland, they had a dramatic spike in COVID cases this summer.

Honestly, this is all normal, and expected...unless you were led to believe that somehow COVID cases were going to drop to zero at some point.

All of the COVID vaccines came with less than 100% efficiency rates, the virus apparently mutates into variants quickly, and some of the new variants can be more contagious than others. So where the idea that COVID goes to zero came from seems a little odd.

If more medical experts embraced this fact, they could approach some of the "anti-vaxx" crowd who believes that vaccinated people testing positive for COVID is an indication that the vaccines are useless. But it could also help the progressive crowd who still wants lockdowns due to COVID understand that the vaccines were never a promise to eradication of COVID. Many of those in the progressive mindset still use the concept of the Polio vaccine in reference to COVID, creating a false parallel that if enough people were vaccinated against COVID it would be eradicated.

Right now, we need to all embrace the idea that this is a long-term illness. COVID will be a companion flu. We will have a "COVID season" just like a "flu season", and it appears that will be that. But that doesn't mean we have to cast away the vaccine in any way.

The purpose of the COVID vaccine isn't to eliminate COVID, it's to give anyone the defense mechanism to fight it before they ever get it. Much like the old "chicken pox parties" where parents would get kids together after one of them developed chicken pox, in an effort to get all of the kids exposed as fast as possible. But instead of having to share lollipops with other kids to get the protection, we take a vaccine. Not because the vaccine will prevent us from getting COVID, but because it will help protect us when (not if) we do.

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