Eight people have been charged after a fight at Southwood High School this morning.

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator says as students were being dropped off to start their school day, an argument involving parents and students broke out in the front breezeway near the bus ramp. There was a lot of yelling and profanity, but no physical blows.

School faculty members saw what was going on and alerted the Caddo deputy who serves as the school's resource officer. He and other patrol deputies broke things up and issued those involved summonses for disturbing the peace.

Sheriff Prator says the incident is still being reviewed, but it's believed to be part of an ongoing disagreement involving the juveniles and their parents.

Adults charged are 34-year-old Nhyesha Shaw, 34-year-old Lola Robinson, 56-year-old Mary Hall, 33-year-old Marlo Hall, 56-year-old Runette Ross and 17-year-old Wytanna Welch. Two 16-year-old females were also cited.

This comes just a day after a fight at Huntington High School left 11 juveniles facing charges.

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