Thankfully Bossier PD subdued the man before anyone was injured, but it took mace and four bean-bag shots.

Patrons and employees alike were in for a shock at DiamondJacks early Wednesday morning. A man entered the casino floor fully dressed, and acting normal according to a source at the casino. However, when he emerged out of the bathroom, things took a wild and unprecedented turn. When he came out, he was acting very strange, and was now shirtless. My source says that he began twirling his shirt around his head, strutting from one end of the boat to the other.

He then made his way back to the table games area, where he dropped his shorts and exposed himself to everyone on the boat. From there, Bossier PD arrived on scene and attempted to calm the man down, who had now become completely irate. For quite a while, the man held a casino chair and attempted to use it as a weapon to hold off the police. More officers arrived and continued to chase down the man until he finally gave in, and was taken away in a wheelchair off the premises.

The video has now garnered quite a bit of attention on social media. According to my source, the man was already maced prior to the video rolling, and acted like it didn't phase him at all. Also, the video uploaded notes that the nude man was shot four times with a bean-bag shotgun before finally giving up.

We've reached out to Bossier PD and will update this article once we receive additional information.




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