So far this pandemic year of 2020 has wreaked havoc across the sports landscape of not only the United States but the world. Still, many of our nation's favorite sports leagues have not only been able to play games, but they've also been able to crown a champion.

The NBA managed to find a champion in their bubble with the Los Angeles Lakers. Major League Baseball just wrapped up their World Series with the Dodgers, also of Los Angeles claiming the title. The National Hockey League even managed to find a winner for the Stanely Cup when the Tampa Bay Lightning took the title earlier this year.

The next shoe, or should we say cleats to fall will be the football championships. NCAA teams are currently working their way through their amended schedules and the NFL has so far, been only mildly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although crowd capacity at NCAA and NFL games have been reduced either all together or by a percentage.

ESPN is reporting the National Football League is planning on a reduced crowd capacity for Super Bowl LV in Tampa. According to the World Wide Leader, capacity at the game will be reduced to 20% of capacity. This is a stark reversal from what the league had announced a little over a month ago. At that time the NFL was touting a "full house" at the game.

Based on information following a meeting yesterday with city officials in Tampa it does look as if the crowd capacity at Raymond James Stadium will be now significantly reduced. Of course, that's subject to change pending changes in the status of the pandemic around the nation and in the host city of Tampa Florida.

Also, ESPN is reporting that the league is looking to add a Week 18 to the regular season. Should that happen the date of the Super Bowl will not change. Instead, the painfully boring and over-hyped extra week between the end of the playoffs and the "Big Game" would be eliminated.

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