Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, now a political analyst for Fox News, has a lot to say about Wednesday night's Republican debate. Here are the Georgia Republican's thoughts about the GOP's winners and losers:

The Speaker's winner? Carly Fiorina:

"...clearly had the strongest performance. She stood up to Trump, proved she had real policy knowledge and was very human in talking about losing a child to drug addiction."

And Newt's surprising runner-up was...Chris Christie!

"...really came alive with his description of worrying about his wife on 9/11."

Third place was, according to Gingrich, a tie!

"Jeb Bush and Rand Paul were very striking in the debate about marijuana. Jeb's 'my mom will be mad 'was one of the best lines of the night."

Fourth place? Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

"...was thoroughly prepared and knowledgeable. His defense of speaking Spanish to explain free enterprise was effective."

And the fifth spot went to front-runner Donald Trump:

"Outnumbered seven or eight to one, he was battered but still standing. That was a victory for his candidacy."

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