As Erin (McCarty) and I have mentioned on numerous occasions, both our fathers served in the military during World War II. Erin's pop was a highly decorated Marine in the Pacific (a Bronze Star winner on Okinawa), while my dad was flew the Waco CG-4A combat gliders.

It's because of his experiences that I am looking forward to a new series from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks entitled, "The Mighty Eighth", the story of the Eight Air Force battles over Europe during WWII.

Filming began on this series back in 2013, but for a variety of reasons the episodes never made it to HBO. But now, with additional filming, reediting, and more cash (a budget of over $500 million) producers are hoping to have "The Mighty Eighth" on the air by early 2017.

Spielberg, Hanks and HBO are hoping the series will have the same success as their highly acclaimed "Band of Brothers"...and if this three minute preview is any indication, those two Hollywood icons should soon have another hit on their hands!