I have to admit, children giggling when not seen is a bit terrifying for me. I guess it was all of the scary movies I would sneak and watch late at night while my parents were asleep. I can only imagine having a kid and then grabbing a new fancy baby monitor to watch him or her sleep, only to realize there are suddenly two babies on the monitor, or their kid's eyes were suddenly glowing.

Praying Child
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It happened, and was shared on Twitter from a Reddit group for new moms. The mother was home along with her newborn and popped the night vision on to watch her kid sleep in his new big boy crib. The problem? The kid's eyes were glowing from the night vision! That's a touch scary!  Don't worry it gets worse. Someone replied that they were convinced that there was a ghost in their child's bed after doing the same and finding two babies in the crib.

Turns out the mom had forgotten to remove the mattress sticker that had a picture of a baby on it. The night vision feature made the picture reflect through the mattress sheet, and gave the illusion of instant haunting.

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