The battle for prayer in school has been a long and nasty fight.  The issues lies somewhere between personal religious freedom and separation of church and state.  Various organizations on both sides of the issue have sued to have laws changed to suit their opinion of what is right for kids in school.  Most of the issue boils down to if the school (or one of it's employees) is endorsing or leading prayer of a particular religion.  Because of that, school staff has been strictly prohibited from being involved with prayer at all.

A new bill, that could make it's way into Louisiana law, would finally allow teachers to join students exercising their right to pray at school.  According to NOLA.comSenate Bill 253 unanimously passed a senate vote, and will now head to the house for a final vote.  If it passes, teachers and students could be standing hand-in-hand around the flagpole in prayer.

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