If you've done one of the many at-home genealogy kits to determine your ancestry or paternity, check for health issues, or find out any of the other interesting facts revealed when you take a peek at your genetic blueprint - you know how interesting that kind of knowledge can be.  Now your furry little friend can have that same experience, thanks to a new company Base Paws.

Base Paws is a DNA testing company exclusively for cats, and they promise to reveal facts about your feline friend's "ancestry and ultimately their health and habits."  The service also claims that once you order your kit (and presumably swab your cat's mouth without being cut to ribbons), you will receive the benefit of future upgrades at no charge.  What kind of upgrades?  I'm so glad you asked.

Moving forward the DNA analysis company plans to offer members new services like the ability to  "Match with genetically similar cats, download report in pdf-format, send report to vet, access your cat's raw DNA sequence."  The future is meow.

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