Tonight is the night for fireworks, loud scary ones that may have your pet consumed with fear or irritability. The startling scary noises that come from our festivities can cause harm to your pets well being. So many cases are reported of dogs jumping fences and getting loose due to the loud booms.

Here are 6 things you can do as a dog or cat parent to make sure your pet is safe.

1. Keep your pets indoors with the air conditioner running, windows closed and turn the radio on to help mask the noise. If you're going out to ring in the new year try and make sure your pets can't hear the fireworks.

2. Be aware of pranksters throwing firecrackers over your fence to scare your pet. You're better off taking your pet inside.

3. Give your pets the freedom to hide under the bed, behind the toilet, in the shower, or in the back of the closet. This may soothe them more than cuddling them.

4. Your dog may not want to be a part of the local fireworks show, let them have their chew toys to relieve anxiety at home inside, in a safe environment.

5. If your neighborhood gets rather loud you can talk to your veterinarian about some at-home remedies or tranquilizers. Some animals develop deeply rooted fears of loud noises like fireworks or thunder. Common side effects include: Trembling, howling, trembling, shaking, barking, trying to hide or get inside or out of the house, refusing to eat food, loss of bladder or bowel control or diarrhea. If you notice any of these symptoms call your veterinarian for help.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Keep your pets happy and healthy by spaying and neutering, making sure they're up to date with their shots and have current tags and a microchip.

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