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A seven-year old boy is dead in California...after falling off a ski lift while practicing with his ski team. The accident happened at the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, in Norden. John Henderson is believed to have fallen at least 60 feet. A Sugar Bowl employee believes Henderson may have survived, had there been more snow on the ground. The accident is under investigation.

A missing 19-year old Kansas college student -- has been found five days later...but police aren't saying where Aisha Khan was during the disappearance -- or even where she was found. All Overland Park Police will confirm is that she's safe and sound. City spokesman Sean Reilly says the only communication her family had when she was missing was a voicemail left on her sister's phone. Police say Khan was not abducted or held against her will.

In Arizona, a 23-year-old college student has been located -- ten days after she went missing. Lauren Weinberg was found, alive, stranded in her car, near Flagstaff. She told authorities she accidentally wound up on a dirt road in a remote area, right as a snowstorm moved in, trapping her car. CoconinO County Sheriff's Office spokesman Gerry Blair says she was somehow able to survive. Weinberg was taken to a local medical center for evaluation, and is expected to be o-k.

Polls aside, actual numbers will soon be coming in on the Republican presidential candidates...after the Iowa caucus in two weeks, and New Hampshire's primary election the following week. It's the first chance for 2012 voters to directly show who they support for president. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus believes that when November finally rolls around, voters will know who has solutions, and who is causing problems. Priebus went "On the Record" with Fox's Greta Van Susteren.

Dozens of Penn State University students are wishing Joe Paterno a happy 85th birthday. They gathered outside his home yesterday, singing and dropping off presents. Joshua Kochel says he just wanted to see how the former coach is doing...not just with the sexual abuse scandal, but also his lung cancer treatment. Paterno was let go last month, accused of knowing about repeated sexual abuse of young boys by former Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky, yet failing to notify authorities.

David Dopp won a Lamborghini Saturday in a convenience store contest. Unfortunately, he crashed it six hours later. The 34-year-old Utah Frito Lay truck driver was not hurt. His wife Annette says she's looking on the upside of the situation. David Dopp plans to sell the $380,000 vehicle after it's repaired, because he can't afford the taxes or insurance and has, in his words, "bills that are more important."

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