Last week was pretty rough. We lost Sears, Best Buy stopped selling CDs, and the hardest closure was Toys "R" Us. I wasn't ready for it. I grew up watching the commercials and thinking how cool it would be to ride my bike up and down the aisles like the kids on tv, and when I got to the store it was everything I was hoping for so it was sad to see it go. However, we did get a pretty amazing ending with Toys "R" Us.

According to the Good News Network, a mystery philanthropist walked in the Toys "R" Us in North Carolina and said what we wish we all could have when we were kids- "I will take everything". You won't believe what they did with the toys!

This mystery person then donated all those toys that costed him or her 1 million dollars to local children. So it is sad that we had to see something we love go away, but it is so sweet to see it end on such a positive note like this.

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