OK, things have gone past the point of being "okay". At least one 2024 summer music festival has now started financing ticket purchases for their event, because their tickets are too expensive.

2017 Hangout Music Festival - Kick-Off Party
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Hangout Music Festival

The offender that we are focused on now is the Hangout Fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama. This event has made financing for their tickets, including General Admission tickets, available for this year. Yes, their GENERAL ADMISSION tickets are so expensive you need to finance them.

Lets stop to create a frame-of-reference for this. The things people normally finance in life are homes, cars, furniture...large, lifetime purchases. The idea of putting concert tickets into the world of CAR LOANS in unethical...at best.

But here we are, its 2024, and festivals are now charging car loan prices to get into their shows.

So what is Hangout charging for GA tickets? $359...wait, sorry, that doesn't include the fees. These tickets are actually $441.53 EACH. That's the CHEAPEST ticket you can get. Which comes with access to the festival and...well, its just access. You get to stand within eyesight of the stages and have the privilege to buy overpriced festival drinks and food.

2017 Hangout Music Festival - Kick-Off Party
Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Hangout Music Festival

You could move up on your tickets, and get General Admission Plus, which adds "permanent bathroom facilities" and the ability to purchase even more expensive food options. There are some other small differences, and a jungle gym (seriously). The price difference? General Admission Plus has the cheapest option at $707.89. Over $250 more to use a permanent bathroom.

If you think that's insane, there are tickets that go as high as $3,022.71 for this event. Which yeah, you can finance.

Oh, lets not forget about the add-ons! For $69 you can get access to a locker. For $29.99 you can get a water bottle. Or for just $44.99 you can get a bucket hat. Maybe you want a Turkish towel...that's just $64.99 for Hangout!

Seriously. We have passed a tipping point. I'm not trying to rain on the parade of anyone who really wants to go to this festival, but for 98% of US citizens, this is a poor financial decision. And it feels unethical for festivals to charge this much, and to bamboozle people into payday loan level financing for this.

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