Veterans' Day offered Shreveport-Bossier officials a chance to get another glimpse at the renovations being done at the Municipal Auditorium on the 84th anniversary of its dedication to the warriors of the World War.

"It's about 80% complete with the in the initial projects," explained City Councilman Jeff Everson.  "Now, we've added a few things to it.  We expect it to be completed in the second quarter of 2014."

When it is finished next spring, officials expect to have some big acts coming to town for shows in the historic facility.

"There's buzz in the industry right now," SMG Regional General Manager Sam Voisin told KEEL News.  "The phone's ringing asking almost every week 'how's the progress coming?  Are you on time?'  The answer is yes, the progress is great and yes, we are on time."

This buzz is important for the musicians because many of them know the history of the Municipal Auditorium and would love to perform in it but haven't before because the conditions in the building were unfavorable.

It's big for residents and visitors because it means the big acts want to play in the Municipal.

"Having some bigger names to get people who may have not been to the facility in a while back in the door is going to be a real great way to show everybody that this is now, while it is a historic facility, it's functioning like a modern facility," said Everson.

So, who are these big acts that are expected to come to town?  Does Councilman Jeff Everson know who they are?

"I do, and they are exciting," responded Everson.  "They appeal to different age ranges and different markets locally.  I think those are going to be a good way to show the wide range of audiences who can enjoy the Municipal."

"All I can tell you is that these acts are well known," commented Voisin. "We'll be announcing some headline, blockbuster acts from rock to classic rock to country to R&B.  It's going to be really exciting with these improvements."

Voisin guarantees, "No one will be disappointed when the acts are announced."  He says they are all acts where they are must-buy tickets.

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