I recently had to make a visit to the Velocity Care Clinic on Airline Drive to get a sore throat examined.  Sore throats are pretty common, but to radio announcers they're kind of a big deal since we make our livings talking.  Anyway, the doctor prescribed some medication and called it in to the Walgreens up the street.

I had some time to kill while my prescription was being filled, so I browsed around the store.  Even though Easter is still over a month away, Walgreen's has put up their Easter candy display.  I was leisurely strolling down the aisle, when my eyes beheld the most wondrous sight.  It was bathed in a heavenly aura and I could hear an angelic choir.  The rarest, and most precious of Easter candies--Heavenly Hash!

This cherished chocolate egg is produced exclusively by the Elmer Candy Corporation. The confectioner was founded in 1855 in New Orleans by Christopher Henry Miller.  His son-in-law, Augustus Elmer, joined him and the family business eventually became Elmer Candy Corporation.  In 1963 Roy Nelson purchased the company and he and his son, Allan, moved the entire operation to Ponchatoula where it still operates today.

The Heavenly Hash Egg was created in 1923.  The exemplary egg is a simple concoction of milk chocolate, marshmallow, and roasted almonds.  But Elmer's has some secret process that makes the gestalt of the ingredients truly unique.  I discovered this delectable delight about 25 years ago.  I don't remember in what city it was, but I do know that the only place I have ever found Heavenly Hash is Walgreens. Every Easter members of my extended family from all over the South comb Walgreens for the seasonal treat, but rarely is it found.  So, upon my discovery I bought a whole box.

You can take your Peeps, your chocolate bunnies, and your Cadbury Creme Eggs; but as for me, I will savor my stash of Heavenly Hash.



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