Everything that's good has a bad side to it. While we've certainly enjoyed a winter season with very few days a really cold weather there is a payback coming. It's in the form of one of our arch nemesis, the mosquito.

When the winter temperatures are very cold it doesn't completely wipe out the mosquito population but it certainly puts a damper on it. The warm winter means the mosquito population will likely become active sooner. However, the temperature isn't the only factor in how bad the bite might be.

Are we going to have a lot of standing water this year that’s going to hatch those mosquito eggs and provide a habitat for them?

Those are the cautionary words of  LSU Assistant Professor of Entomology Kristen Healy as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.  Hmmm let's see, Louisiana, standing water, you know what, that could happen.

Besides the annoyance of a buzzing mosquito, I especially hate it when they come into your bedroom at night. I do have a method for getting rid of them that works.

There is also a significant risk of disease with an increase in an active mosquito population.

So things like Zika, they’re transmitted by mosquitoes such as the yellow fever mosquito or the Asian tiger mosquito and temperature plays very much into their development.

Unfortunately, because of people like us, we the media, are quick to sound the alarm of substantial outbreaks of mosquito born diseases that never really affect a large portion of the local population. That means that many people become dismissive to the message. That's not a good thing.

Even though it's early and we're still not into our full blown outdoor lifestyle it's still a good idea to inspect your property for places where standing water occurs.

These mosquitoes that are vectors of Zika virus, these love to lay eggs in backyard containers, like buckets, and tires, and trashcans.

Even children's toys, sandboxes, and flower pots can hold enough water for a mosquito to lay eggs and give birth to a new generation of these little bloodsuckers.

We suggest a little precaution now and a whole lot of precaution during the warm weather months. This will help keep your family safe from any disease with an odd sounding name and help keep the scratching and itching to a minimum.

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