We have a stellar new entry in the race for "Most Louisiana Story of the Year."  There's no real prize, unless you count bragging rights - and I tend to think that folks like Paul Duke do.

Mr Duke (pictured above) was arrested for getting hammered and driving a tractor to the scene of a wreck.  The Monroe native reportedly showed up to the scene of a two-vehicle wreck on Louisiana 841 reeking of alcohol.  Police on the scene told him to leave, and he did - only to return on a tractor.

According to the thenewsstar.com, the 59 year old man allegedly drove his tractor across a pasture and right up to the scene of the accident in order to move one of the vehicles - all to keep it from being towed.  After performing poorly on a field sobriety test and admitting to consuming "several" beers, Duke was arrested on the spot for second-offense driving while intoxicated and interfering with a state trooper.  Bail for his release has not yet been set.

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