Sometimes you just need to get open and honest. Men, if you are going trying to get her what she really wants for Valentine's Day do yourself a favor and read what women all over the Ark-La-Tex are wanting this year. We won't attach their name to what they want for Valentine's Day, because calling out our men out isn't what we do around here. However, if the shoe fits feel free to tag him!
"A day of solitude with no phone, no obligations, and no interruptions in a hotel by myself!"

"Crawfish and Hay"

"Pedicure and Manicure"

"Feed me for real. Just don't ask anything out of me lol. A straightened up house, ain't got to be spotless"

"Miller Lite"

"Kane Brown concert tickets. I want a date night with both of my favorite men."

"I want a ring already, 4 years together, still no wedding in sight."

"A fun dinner where we both dress up and he actually makes reservations and we not go somewhere and wait for 2 hours."

"I want Sushi!"

"Botox, after 20 years, he's the reason I need it LOL"

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