[Updated 06:57 07/30/22 ]

The Mega Millions website is now showing a new jackpot of $20 million for next Tuesday's drawing. The site also acknowledges that one ticket matched all the numbers necessary to claim the $.1.2 billion dollar jackpot. The point of sale location for that ticket has not been released. However, we anticipated that information to be forthcoming within the next few hours.

[Original Story 07/30/22 0300 AM] Lottery players in Louisiana appear to have collected some big wins in the July 29th Mega Millions drawing, however, it doesn't appear as if any state-sold tickets can lay claim to the game's top prize. Actually, as of just after 3 this morning the Mega Millions website was not confirming a jackpot winner anywhere.

The jackpot at the time of the drawing on July 29th was $1.28 billion dollars. If there was no jackpot winner, then it's a safe bet that Tuesday's drawing will be for a record Mega Millions jackpot. The current top prize in the game's history is just over $1.5 billion. That jackpot was won by a South Carolina sold ticket in 2018.

Here is how the balls bounced for the July 29th, 2022 drawing:

The numbers that were drawn:

13   36   45   57   67   Mega Ball 14  Megaplier x2

At this early hour, the information we are getting on game-winners in Louisiana is very basic. In other words, we have reason to believe that a ticket worth $1 million dollars was sold in the state. There was also another ticket sold in the state that appears to have a prize value of $20,000. And, the most unprecedented fact I've seen in covering the lottery ever, there are apparently five tickets that were sold in Louisiana that are worth $10,000.

By the way, we are getting our information directly from the Louisiana Lottery Corporation via their Big Wins page. That page also tells us that 6,462 Mega Millions tickets sold in Louisiana for the July 29th game have a prize value of $10 or more. There are actually 329 Louisiana-sold tickets that now carry a prize value of $200 or more.


You do know the Lottery Website has a widget that can quickly check your tickets, right? Just click this link and look on the right-hand side of the website, you'll see the red bar that says "Check My Mega Millions Numbers". You can enter several tickets at a time and the widget will tell you how much money you did or didn't win.

This story will be updated throughout the day with more winner information including the point of sale for the tickets that carry a prize value of $10,000 or more. We should also have the point of sale location for the jackpot winner, if there was one and if there wasn't a jackpot winner we will reveal the new jackpot for Tuesday's drawing.

Meanwhile, we can continue with the luxurious thoughts until our ship finally comes in.

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