This past Saturday at Nurse Care of Shreveport during their Senior Health Fair, Mayor Cedric Glover made a special appearance as a guest on The Best of Times radio show. Mayor Glover says, "Don't catch Shreveport-itis".

Host Gary Calligas told a story of a recent couple who, after visiting Shreveport, decided to move here the same year. Mayor Glover responded by saying "For those of us who are here, we sometimes catch that old thing we call Shreveport-itis where we can be our own worst critic and don't have appreciation for exactly the great wonderful quality things that this area represents."

He went on to say that Shreveport isn't "all that we ought to be, which is why we will continue to be aspirational and push toward becoming a better and greater community." Mayor Glover also said regarding the support of the Senior citizens "you really judge a community by how it treats its children and how it treats its seniors. That's a real true reflection of exactly what you value and what you prioritize." The Mayor then reflected back in the day to his first real paying job being a support worker serving lunches to Seniors during his summers.

He continued saying he looks forward to marching in the Caddo Council on Aging's Meals on Wheels March with fellow Grand Marshall Sheriff Prator, and 'super special V.I.P.' Morris Claiborne and joking that in his present condition won't be able to march as far as last year.

When asked what the Mayor will be doing in the future for Seniors, he made mention of the results of the April 2011 bond issue.  The Mayor says that after those results, they will be doing renovations to several community recreational centers around town like Stoner Hill, Queensborough and make them more like Randal T. Moore. He also plans on expanding the services provided by the Council on Aging.

You can hear the audio from this interview below.

You can follow Mayor Glover on Twitter @MayorGlover.

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