In case you didn't know, acting superstar Matthew McConaughey spent his formative years in East Texas. Longview to be specific. And, like many high schoolers during the 80s in East Texas, McConaughey used to come to the "big city" of Shreveport often to have a good time. Well, one of those trips to town didn't end so well.

While appearing on the Graham Norton Show, McConaughey and John Cena began talking about pro wrestling. And Matthew told this great story of getting thrown out the Hirsch for throwing tomatoes at Skandor Akbar. Hear the hilarious story below.

The King of Chill was apparently a HUGE fan of Mid-South Wrestling and legitimately hated Skandor Akbar. If you want to see what got Matthew so fired up, you can watch all the old Mid-South Wrestling shows on the WWE Network.

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