More than 50,000 people converged on Shreveport's Riverfront for the 4th of July celebration and many noticed a problem with the Texas Street Bridge.


The Mayor has started the ball rolling to get the burned out bulbs replaced and get the neon bridge lit back up. He's not sure yet how much it will cost to replace the bulbs.

Now I noticed the problem while I was at the Margaritaville Hotel on July 3rd and wondered why the city has let it go for so long. I'm also wondering about lights in other parts of town. On Spring Street as you approach downtown Shreveport, nearly half of the lights leading into the heart of our city are out. It's even worse on parts of I-20. I make this drive every morning and have to admit I have even counted the bulbs that are out. Between Hearne and Jewella right in front of the Fairgrounds, more than 30 lights are out. It's about the same headed toward Monkhouse (where many visitors first enter our city from the airport).

I don't know what agency is in charge of replacing the bulbs on I-20. Is it the state, the city or maybe Swepco. I will be making some calls on this today.