Mistakes happen, right? Everybody makes them. But, some mistakes have greater consequences than others. A deputy sheriff in Martin County Florida has been fired after he wrongfully arrested a man for drug trafficking.

Matt Crull was arrested by Deputy Steven O'Leary for possessing and distributing heroin. The problem is that Crull didn't have any heroin. He had laundry soap that he planned on using to use on his laundry. He spent over a month behind bars for his non-crime.

And, according to reports, this isn't O'Leary's first "mistake". He's accused of putting 11 innocent people behind bars. According to the Martin County Sheriff, O'Leary somehow found a way to fake drug tests to make arrests.

Crull, and several others now free non-criminals, want O'Leary to face criminal charges. And, personally, I think he should. He cost people months of the lives.

I don't want this to seem like an attack on police. If you line up 100 officers from any county, parish or city in the country, 99 of them will be excellent officers. However, that 1 is THE 1 we always here about. Much like any other criminal, if we enforce strict and swift punishment, those who are acting outside of the law will think twice before acting or strapping on that badge.

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