With LSU's big win over eighth ranked Miami Sunday night, Tigers' fans hopes are high for a season some say could make the team a contender in the Southeast Conference's western division.

But are LSU fans (as they are prone to do) getting ahead of themselves? 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty talk - okay. argue - about the game, specifically the LSU quarterback situation and whether Joe Burrow is the answer to the Tigers' offensive woes.

Yes, as so often happens, the KEEL morning duo watched the same thing and came away with two different conclusions. "Joe Burrow has the potential to be the greatest quarterback sine Bert Jones," says McCarty, perhaps putting a little too much faith in a quarterback who went 11 for 24 passing. But Erin counters, "They had a lot of passes dropped! They're just waiting for a number one receiver to step up!"

But Robert counters with the question that has plagued the Bengals for years: When the next ranked opponent decides to take away the LSU running game with a seven or eight man line, is Joe Burrow the QB who can throw 30 times for 300 yards and three TDs?


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