On a Saturday night in Death Valley, the Earth shook. At it was because of LSU Tiger football fans.

In impressive fashion, the LSU Tigers 'walked off' with the win over Alabama with a 2-point conversion in overtime Saturday night, sealing a 32-31 win inside a packed Tiger Stadium. Creating a massive reaction all across the state of Louisiana. But the epicenter, in Baton Rouge, was...seismic.

Literally, according to LSU Science...

That's right, beating Alabama in Death Valley moved the Earth. Well, in a measurable way at least.

The two points that registered the big seismic responses came minutes apart. First, when quarterback Jayden Daniels took off to score an overtime touchdown for LSU, in response to Alabama getting a touchdown (and extra point) with their first overtime possession.

This is the point where explaining college football overtime might be important. We'll do it quick and dirty...Each team gets the ball, at the 25 yard line, and tries to score. They can get first downs along the way, but they HAVE to score on the possession. They can do this with either a touchdown, and the point(s) after, or with a field goal. Later in overtimes this changes, but for out purposes, that's all we need. So the first team gets the ball, and whatever they do with it needs to be matched, or beaten, by the next team. If team A kicks a field goal, then team B need to kick a field goal to stay alive, or score a touchdown to win. If team A scores a touchdown and kicks an extra point, team B must do the same or they lose.

But if team A gets the touchdown and kicks the extra point, but team B scores a touchdown and gets a two-point conversion instead of kicking the extra point...they win, game over.

Insert LSU on Saturday night...

Alabama got their touchdown and kicked the field goal for 7 points. Then LSU got the ball, Daniels ran for the touchdown, 6 points, triggering the first 'earthquake'. Then LSU converted on the two-point conversion, so 8 points, a win, and a second 'earthquake'.

College football in Louisiana...its just different man.

Pictures From LSU's Win Over Alabama On 11/5/22

LSU beat Alabama 32-21 in Tigers Stadium on Saturday, November 5th, 2022. The game was a walk-off win in overtime for the Tigers, and sent Death Valley into chaos.

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