I was enjoying my dear friend's backyard a few days ago when something hit my face that made me stand up and spit. "Is it on me? Is it on my face?" I yelled, turns out it was just two bugs in love. Hello Lovebug Season, we didn't miss you, in fact, we had hoped you'd miss us altogether.

Back in 2017 many of us swore it was the worst year for Lovebugs. Lovebugs invaded The SBC and there was no escape. Check out the video below from 2017 at Splash Kingdom in Shreveport.

Why are Lovebugs attracted to our wonderful community? They are attracted to heat, exhaust fumes from cars, lawnmowers, and any other type of gasoline-powered engine. The males make their way to where females will emerge. After that it's Lovebugging time, you'll see the Lovebugs in-flight tangled in their love affair as long as the temperature is over 68 degrees. Normally the month of September is what's considered "Lovebug season".

How can we get rid of these unashamed fornicators? You can mix warm water with a citrus-scented detergent, like a common lemon dish soap. Then you add a splash of mouthwash to the mixture and then shake it like a polaroid picture. Put in a spray bottle, and start spraying the walls of your house with it, you can even spray your plants and the outdoor area you enjoy. Lovebugs will go fornicate someone else, away from you.

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