We may raise a glass on St. Patricks' Day, as long as we don't miss our bedtime.

I'm the kind of gal who makes grand plans only to want to bail on them at the last minute. Maybe it's because I'm 50/50 introverted and extroverted, or because I get tired just thinking of all the fun we'll have. It sounds like I'm right on par with Louisiana.

Oh, we'll get rowdy... until it's actually time to walk out the door.

Don't get angry with me. This is what CandyStore.com is saying about us. They looked at the "Rowdiness Level" of each state across the country, based on parades, festivals and, of course, the amount of green candy that was ordered on their website. Now we're seeing their true motive.

Louisiana was one of the least rowdy states out there.

Although Candy Store raved about our ability to go hard in the paint for Mardi Gras, as well as the fact that we can jump right back into another roaring parade for St. Patrick's Day, we didn't get much love on their list. We're down there with Vermont, Colorado, Idaho, Alaska, and a few others. We celebrate, just not enough. So there really aren't any losers on this list, just ones that could step up their game a bit.

Challenge accepted.

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