The Louisiana Department of Education has gone live with their new website,, to help parents decide what schools will be best for their children. The site contains multiple layers of information for every public school in the state, including K-12.

The schools list letter grades, comparisons to other schools in their system and state, a trend of performance over time, and how students at the school perform in each subject. Each school will feature a breakdown of all categories, and you can search schools by area. All you have to do is add your address, or the address of the area you want to research, and then select each school off the list or map.

Also today, The Louisiana Department of Education released the latest round of performance scores for schools across the state. According to the Louisiana Radio Network, Council for a Better Louisiana President Barry Erwin says this will be the last year that schools will be graded on a curve.

The new state scores will be reflected on the new Department of Education website, and can be searched now.

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