Being a parent in 2023 is certainly challenging.  There have been some disturbing trends lately, especially if you are a parent.  Like when a minor child makes the 'decision' to go by another name or pronoun that the parents are not aware of.

Louisiana House of Representatives
Louisiana House of Representatives


But a Louisiana lawmaker wants to change that.  Bossier City Representative Raymond Crews wants to give authority of their own children back to parents. That's one reason why he authored a bill called the "Given Name Act."

Crews said school employees would be required to use a student's given name and corresponding pronouns unless written parental consent says otherwise.

“I’m trying to help teachers who are kind of put in a difficult position here, with these people choosing their names or whatnot. And the second of course is to help parents have a closer involvement with their children, what’s going on, and what kind of decisions they are making. It’s those two things,” said Crews.

Crews has received positive feedback from teachers who, in some cases, have been asked by a student to use a different name and pronoun that the parents were not aware of.

“They don’t like the secret situation. They really want to know that they can do what’s common and customary and when it’s not to have some kind of written permission,” said Crews.

Crews, a Republican, said if students need their parents permission for a minor child to have a gun, or to get a tattoo, he believes the "Given Name Act" falls under the same lines.

“If you’re going to make a decision here, particularly considering what you think is your identity, shouldn’t parents be involved in that? This is not the place for children to make their decisions, independent of any kind of guidance,” said Crews.

The regular session begins April 10th.

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