This is something I have seen happen so many times, especially along I-20. What does it mean? I have always wondered why you see police vehicles facing you with blue lights shining bright.

If you've ever driven down I-20 chances are you've been blinded by the light and no I'm not talking about Manfred Mann's Earth Band's hit. Why do police officers do this? It's something that irritates me to no end. Especially if I drive up on the bright lights at night.

Turns out that if a police officer is facing the opposite direction and emergency lights are activated it means you and I need to get ready to slow down. Consider the light as a courtesy heads-up.

In case you haven't noticed the bright lights are normally so far ahead of the stopped traffic. Why? Think of all the semi-trucks you drive alongside on I-20. Our 18-wheeling friends need the extra heads up to be able to come to a complete stop at some point especially if they're booking it down I-20 at 75 miles per hour.

Louisiana State Police took to their Facebook page to address a question many of us have had.

"Have you ever been traveling along an interstate system and observed a Trooper facing the opposite direction with emergency lights activated? This is a technique used to warn motorists of slowed or stopped traffic ahead, which is called a traffic queue. By giving advanced warning to motorists, they are able to slow their speed to react to the traffic congestion ahead. On I-20 in Ouachita Parish, Troopers are providing advanced warning for construction crews working to improve our roadways. Please reduce your speed and use caution in all construction zones so these men and women can safely return to their families."

Okay so now you know, next time you see a police vehicle facing you with the lights on it's a "Traffic Cue" slow down and get ready to stop.


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