Louisiana Has Made National Headlines Again.

This story concerning a Louisiana kindergartner has gone viral because of the reason she got kicked out of school.

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A Louisianan Couple Claims Their Daughter Was Kicked Out of School Because They are Lesbians.

Jennifer Parker and Emily Parker were loud and vocal about their adopted daughter getting kicked out of Bible Baptist Academy. Jennifer’s brother was killed in an industrial accident in 2020, so Jennifer and her wife stepped in and took in the 5-year-old that her brother left behind.

Bible Baptist Academy is a Private Christian School in Dequincy, Louisiana.

Instead of the sweet kindergartner walking into her first day of school on Monday, her parents Jennifer and Emily Parker got a phone call over the weekend saying they needed to go to speak to the pastor. School officials informed the couple that their daughter Zoey would not be able to attend school because of her parent's "lifestyle choices".

If You Go to Bible Baptist Academy's Website They Claim They Want Students to "Feel Special, Loved and Safe".

They never said included though. One of the first things you see on the Bible Baptist Academy's website is "We want to provide a place for each student to feel special, loved, safe and cared for where parents can rest assured knowing that what their children are being taught academically is in harmony with our values at home." The school was quick to publish a statement on its website after several people went to give the school bad reviews. The school is now considered a 1 Star school on Google. because so many people have gone online to express their frustrations with the school.

Here is the full statement from Bible Baptist Academy:

"At BBA, we are committed to instructing and living in accordance with the teachings of Scripture. We believe that the Bible teaches that every life has value and that there is dignity in all of us because we have been created in the image of God. The Bible also teaches us to love everyone with the love of God despite their personal choices. We strive to teach this to the students who attend. We encourage them to show love and compassion to everyone. As a Baptist academy, we are also committed to provide an environment that is consistent with the beliefs that we hold. We want our students to not only know our beliefs, but we want them to see them as well. Regarding personal relationships, we hold that those relationships, whether in dating or in marriage, should be between a man and a woman.

We live in wonderful country! We have been granted the freedom to worship as we see fit. And as a Christian institution, we are protected by federal laws that give us the opportunity to teach and practice our beliefs. We feel deeply that our first obligation is to God and being faithful to Him. There are times where our commitment to upholding our Christian values will not line up with the values of other people. This should not be interpreted that we have any hatred or malice toward them. We are just as committed to loving all people as we are to holding to Bible principles that people may not agree with or may not understand."

The Good News is This Kindergartner Has Been Accepted By Another Private Christian School.

KSLA shared the happy news that has several people in Louisiana excited. This sweet kindergartner will be able to attend Hamilton Christian School in Lake Charles, which is another private school that is closer to her house.


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