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The latest report from national transportation research firm TRIP, is downright insulting to everyone who has ever splashed their drink all the vehicle or possibly knocked out a tooth because of what has to be a 5 foot deep crevice on a Louisiana highway you hit at 65 miles an hour.

After crunching the numbers and analyzing the reports of the worst roads, these geniuses have rated our beloved, but terribly hard to drive on state at 5th overall.  That is Louisiana has the 5th worst roads in the nation.  How is that?  I had to apologize to my car at least 3 times on the way in to work.  When we say our prayers at night and ask the lord to watch over our family, we include the family truckster.

I know what you're thinking - who could possibly have worse roads, and how do they travel?  Helicopter, most likely.  The national average of total roadway that is below acceptable standards (crappy and potholey) is 3%.  While Louisiana is clocking a smooth 7%, it still isn't the worst.  Here's the entire top 5, according to the research done by professionals who have clearly never spent a king's ransom on front end alignments:

5. Louisiana - 7%

4. New Jersey - 8%

3. Wyoming - 9%

2. Delaware - 11%

1. Hawaii - 19%

If you read that like I did, then it's pretty clear that Hawaii's roads are more than twice as terrible as ours.  Those poor people.

You can see the rest of the research here.

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