A Gallup poll says fewer states are leaning towards the Democratic Party, however there are still more 'blue' states than there are 'red' states.

The annual poll is based on interviews with participants across the country throughout 2013 to determine the political leaning of the state.

That figure is represented through a value called the "Democratic advantage".  In this gauge, a positive "Democratic advantage" means the state leans more towards the Democrats and a negative "Democratic advantage" means the state leans more towards the Republicans.

The "Democratic advantage" is determined by taking the percentage of respondents who lean towards the Republicans and subtract that percentage from the percentage of Democrats in a state.

The three-state spread is smaller than last year's seven-state spread between the parties, and far smaller than the 30-state lead when the poll was first done in 2008.

The most Democratic "state" is the District of Columbia, with a 58 percentage point Democratic advantage.  Besides D.C., the most Democratic state is New York with a 25 percentage point Democratic advantage.

On the opposing side, the most Republican state is Wyoming with a Democratic advantage of -40 percentage points.

The Ark-La-Tex has been labeled as 'competitive' by Gallup, meaning that there are enough voters on both sides of the political battlefield to make the state competitive.

The least Democratic (or most Republican) of the Ark-La-Tex states is Texas, coming in at 34th most Democratic state in the nation with a Democratic advantage of -3.9.  Texas places between Colorado (which is more Democratic) and New Hampshire (which is more Republican).

Arkansas is right in the middle of the Ark-La-Tex states coming in as 32nd most Democratic state in the nation.  The Natural State's Democratic advantage is -3.7 percentage points, between Missouri (which is more Democratic) and Colorado (which is more Republican).

Louisiana is the most Democratic (or least Republican) of the Ark-La-Tex states.  The Pelican State is 28th most Democratic with a Democratic advantage of -2.0 percentage points.  Virginia is more Democratic than Louisiana and Iowa is more Republican.

Most Republican States (Democratic advantage):

Wyoming (-40.1)
Utah (-32.4)
North Dakota (-24.9)
Idaho (-24.4)
Kansas (-20.7)
Alaska (-20.0)
South Dakota (-17.0)
Nebraska (-16.3)
Montana (-13.2)
Oklahoma (-13.1)

Most Democratic States (Democratic advantage):

New York (24.8)
Hawaii (24.1)
Rhode Island (22.6)
Massachusetts (21.3)
Maryland (19.8)
Vermont (19.0)
California (17.9)
Illinois (17.4)
Delaware (16.5)
New Jersey (16.3)


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