You won't have to travel far if you wanna get out of town this Thanksgiving.

The only travel I do around the holidays is just enough to get to my loved ones' houses. I've never been one who wants a weekend getaway. To me, Thanksgiving and Christmas are a time to be with family.

However, some people like to enjoy the holidays in another city.

That being said, Travel Awaits has crafted a list of the "Best U.S. Cities for a Thanksgiving Getaway in 2019." Of course, New York City which features the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade made the list, but you'll also find places like Washington D.C. with its gorgeous fall colors and even New Orleans, Louisiana.

Yep, the Big Easy made the list.

It's turkey day with a little Cajun flavor, what could be better? New Orleans has a little bit of everything for Thanksgiving like the big football game between Grambling State and Southern University, the Bayou Classic parade, and a battle of the bands. Not to mention, the food! The Big Easy is already known for delicious food so I can only imagine how divine their Thanksgiving offerings are.

Have you done Thanksgiving in New Orleans?

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