The right to vote as an American is a sacred responsibility. The process of ensuring that our votes are cast in an orderly and official way is the responsibility of poll workers across the country. This year many states, including  Louisiana, are having trouble finding qualified citizens who want to come and work at the polls on election day November 3rd.

Louisiana's Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin says the qualifications to be a poll worker are not that stringent. You must simply be a registered voter in the State of Louisiana. You must also be at least 17 years of age. You must also possess the physical ability to perform the job without assistance and you will need to attend training.

There is a grave concern among election officials across the nation that many polling locations might not have enough workers to staff those stations on election day. Historically poll workers are older members of our society. But concerns over COVID-19 appear to be keeping many of those older residents away from the job that awaits on November 3rd.

There are some positions at the polls that are volunteer but for the most part, you would be compensated for your time. Among the duties, you might be asked to perform are the set up of the polling locations, the verification of voter registration, and you'll need to have a working knowledge of how to operate a voting machine as well as what is allowed in the polling places and what is not.

If you'd like to fill out an application and find out more about becoming a poll worker you can follow this link provided by the Secretary of State's Office. 


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