With millions of people hitting the roads this week for the annual Thanksgiving migration, the highways of America will be much more dangerous than usual.  You might think that drunk drivers will be the biggest concern for those ferrying their families from house to house, but the biggest danger on the road is most likely distracted drivers - and Louisiana is one of the worst.

A recent study conducted by Letstalk.com identified the nation's worst and best states when it comes to the deadly menace that is distracted driving.  Using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, this breakdown was able to identify the most and least dangerous states in regards to fatalities caused by inattention.  Unfortunately, we may never know the true number of these specific types of tragedies because most states don't have the option to report distracted driving as the cause of a fatal accident (to be honest, a lot of times there is no one to question).

Louisiana is the 4th worst state in the nation for folks looking at their phones and/or generally not paying attention to the abrupt changes that can happen in the blink of an eye.  Being distracted on the road can not only get you killed, it could other people who are paying attention killed as well.

Rounding out the the 5 worst states for distracted driving: #5 Hawaii, #3 Kentucky, #2 Kansas, #1 New Mexico.   Rhode Island was the safest state in the nation.

Be safe and attentive this holiday driving season.

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